Will A Mobile App Take Me A Lot Of Time Each Week In My Business?

This is a question I am often asked when in consultation with small business owners or while speaking at workshops.
In this video the question is answered and no, you dont need a lot of extra time when you have a Mobile App as part of your marketing strategy in your business.
As a small business owner myself, since the age of 24, I totally understand the hesitation that some business owners have. After all, there is already so much to do in and on the business, not forgetting the life/commitment outside of the business! magora-systems
When you have a Mobile App in your marketing tool belt, it will only take you as long as you choose it to take you.
If you wish to pre-time Push Notifications at the beginning of the week or month, there is a function for that.
If your information does not change frequently, there is no need for updates to the app constantly.
Planning your campaign to include the benefits of your Mobile App will not only save you time in the end, it will also yield better results overall.
If the question of time was the only thing that was standing in your way in your plans to have your own unique Mobile App created, then the obstacle is now gone.
Lets get together for a complimentary consultation to have a conversation about your business and where a Mobile App will fit in.