The Best Website Developer for your Company

Although the skills of website developers vary widely according to their field of expertise, there are technologies, practices and programming languages ​​that every IT expert must know. Our software developers have created a list of these essential skills that you can use to verify the level of your experience.

Skills that Best Website Developers Need

Our application development expert not only lists the skills you must have, but also involves the standards and terms each developer needs to know to demonstrate your experience on a professional level. For example, to implement applications in multiple devices, functionality. This checklist is useful for those looking for the world of software development and for those outsourcing projects that are looking for IT experts, but their capabilities are unknown.

Technical skills used for the developer's work

Make sure you, as developer, can:

  • Convert the design into work code
  • Interpret models and wireframes of websites and products obtained from designers
  • Understand the layers
  • Load dimensions
  • Extract color


What is it?

Create website content and architecture.

Make sure your developer’s knowledge cover the next:

  • Create HTML file from scratch
  • Use an HTML template as an HTML5 replay
  • Incorporate the latest HTML5 tag
  • Follow the naming conventions of the industry
  • Our developers use HTML, CSS and JS every hour

What is it?

Take carefully structured HTML and take care of it.

You will have your house and decide the size, shape and decoration of the room. You make sure it's a pleasure.

Make sure you can:

  • Create a CSS file from scratch
  • Manipulate designs and styles (of course!)
  • Follow the naming conventions of the industry
  • With the CSS preprocessor like Saas, you can edit CSS files easily 1000 times

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Make sure you can:

  • Understand how servers and databases place HTML + CSS files on the World Wide Web
  • Make the site live!
  • Update the site after the live end

What is it?

Git is a version control system that allows you to change your code without losing your previous work.

GItHub is a website that allows you to upload (and download) the code and share it with others.

The version control system like Git is absolutely necessary to write code in the computer environment.

Make sure you can:

  • Create a Git repository
  • Push and pull ocde to and from the repository
  • Branch code, fork, clone and combination
  • Resolution of merger conflicts
  • Join the open source GitHub project

Error Testing

Make sure you can try the error:

  • The best developers can find and resolve errors in the code
  • What is the best way to save time in an expensive and time-consuming error? Quick capture!
  • Between mobile devices
  • Your HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • After changing a small part of the project
  • Media consultation (for mobile development)

What is it?

Media queries are a useful CSS tool for creating fully reactive sites as cell phone use increases.

It has around 700 million people (95.5%!) Mobile subscribers in the world (Mobiforge).

Google's new algorithm in 2015 means that it will reduce the range of search results for unresponsive sites (Search Engine Land).

In the last four years, the use of smartphones has increased by 394% and the use of tablets has increased by 1.721% (comScore).

Make sure you can:

  • Create media queries with standard device sizes
  • Convert static websites to responsive websites
  • Follow the industry standard for naming and syntax

jQuery Plugin

jQuery is a library of JavaScript add-ons created for you

With the jQuery plugin you can:

  • Add Twitter feeds to your site
  • Add image slider
  • Add smooth scrolling to the site
  • Add more!

Make sure you can:

  • Look for an accredited jQuery plugin
  • Install the jQuery plugin
  • Test the error
  • Adjust to work on your site

With JavaScript you can do it interactive using a static website.

With JavaScript, you can do the following.

  • Change the appearance of the site when the user logs in
  • Update live blog feed
  • Create a great mobile effect

Make sure you can:

  • Understand the object model of the document (DOM)
  • Create elements and variables
  • Understand objects, properties and functions
  • Recognition and use of built-in functions
  • Create a loop using logic
  • Write your own function

Frontend Framework

It is a template to create websites with many built-in elements, so never again do it from the beginning.

Several large frames:

  • Bootstrap
  • UIKit
  • Pure

Make sure you can:

  • Install or download framework
  • Use built-in elements
  • Create a custom site using the frame


In 2014, more than 74 million WordPress sites were built and around 20% (ManageWP) of all sites were created on the Web.

What is it?

Content management system (CMS) that allows customers to easily change the contents of the site

Make sure you can:

  • Reading and editing PHP code
  • Install WordPress
  • Understand the architecture of WordPress
  • Create and change pages, publications, menus
  • Create a child theme
  • Add useful add-ons
  • Mistake proofing

Where should you learn these things?

  • A book
  • Tutorial
  • Development community

How to become a Front-end Developer?

The development of the interface opens an infinite vision before the developers. You have a boat, but there is no map to navigate. So, first you need to learn coastal areas and explore the ocean. Nowadays, developers at the front are in demand, and many young IT experts want to learn about this field of development. To become a competitive specialist, you need to acquire a variety of skills to distinguish it from thousands of other experts.

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Qualities of a Good Front-end Expert

The main objective of the development of applications for the user is to write code that is a process through the Internet browser. The average salary of front-end experts who have about two years of experience is $ 70,000 to $ 105,000. The main qualities needed to become a best website developer are the following.

  • Patience
  • Responsibility
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to find a common base with different types of people
  • Strong visual and aesthetic abilities
  • Ability to conceptualize the concept and make it functional
The Front-end and the Back-end

The main difference between the front and back ends is that the first one is executed in the browser and the second one is interpreted in the website server. The front-end programming languages ​​that are read by the Internet browser, HTML (hypertext mark-up language), JavaScript, and there is a CSS (cascading style sheets), and the different functions are executed. The most important skills you must learn is to learn HTML 5 and CSS 3.


These are essential skills for front-end developers. To build a website, it is essential to learn HTML 5 and CSS 3. The basic technology behind almost the entire World Wide Web. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) lay the foundation for all existing websites. The developers use these languages ​​to structure the content on the website, to shape different elements and place them on the screen. If the list to learn the basics of front-end development, online courses, manuals, video tutorials, books, and there is a lot of the community to be able to ask questions about the coding of HTML and CSS.

How to Learn the Code

In order to perfect your new HTML5 and CSS3 skills, when you try to create some of the simple elements of the user interface, it will help you to solidify your knowledge. There are many online code editors that can play with the code. Participating in the community of application developers like StackOverflow is another good way to help you solve problems you may have and learn codes.

Practice your Skills

Creating a simple element of the user interface is just a warm-up activity. In the next stage, develop full landing pages and the entire website. HTML5 and CSS3 are not enough at a certain point, motivated to learn JavaScript.