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For more than nine years we have gained a reputation as a leading software developer in London. And our IT company constantly strive to gain confidence as professionals and IT experts. Our team has brought together talented and experienced senior software developers, software engineers, creative app designers based on a common goal and advanced entrepreneurs focused on the leading innovations and customisations. We will help you accelerate your business with IT solutions.

Our Experience

Our London-based software company has a highly qualified and carefully recruited team based on common IT passion and innovative motivation. The developers are looking for programmers with a powerful front-end and back-end capability and guarantee superior commands in SQL Server and MySQL.

Currently there are experts familiar with client-side scripts that use technologies such as HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS 3, VBScript, ActionScript, AJAX, Adobe Flash, jQuery, Microsoft Silverlight and other technologies. With this experience, you can design an attractive web interface with sophisticated visual effects and seamless animation.

The core of all programs are their capabilities and functions that they can provide to users. Approaching our headquarters in London, software developers can provide the most amazing features with high-level programming languages ​​such as PHP, C #, C ++, Java and Perl, Ruby, Python, ASP.NET technology. With such skills, the sky is the limit of our software developer.

Based in Top London, which offers all kinds of services, we have a powerful mobile division that can provide next-generation mobile solutions for all major platforms, such as iOS, Android and Windows. .

iOS developers are sophisticated specialists who can work just as well in Objective-C and Swift programming languages ​​that exploit all the features provided by Apple's IDE, Xcode. With the help of our skills, customers can make use of this powerful, secure and stable operating system and create mobile solutions to meet the best demands of customers.

By having a powerful Android department, you can write Java code in Eclipse IDE and in the official Android integrated development environment, Android Studio. This experience guarantees the high intuition and ease of use of Android mobile applications with various screen sizes and resolutions, and achieves a perfect user experience with the large market share of Android users.

With the update of the latest Windows Mobile operating system, the London-based team created generic applications for all Windows device families through the Visual Studio IDE and made it possible to use all Windows sectors in a single application. It has become .

Software Development Life Cycle

The life cycle of software and applications development is the term that the developer refers to the process of planning, designing, coding, testing and deploying programs, applications or information systems. Software developers in London use only proven development methods to achieve smooth integration and work. The two main approaches that developers usually apply are Waterfall and Agile. We can boast that the project manager will choose the most appropriate, depending on your specific development case.

Waterfall Methodology

Cascade method means strict documentation, fixed budget and time frame. This method provides the client with a clearly identified program specification and requirements, and an easy visualization of the final product. We can not make changes to our development strategy, customers get the content requested in the first step and there is no opportunity to test the program on the way. All the steps are separated from the others, so the design developer can start coding. However, with this approach, development costs can be minimized.

Agile Method

On the contrary, the agile development method provides more flexibility and adaptability. This is an iterative process that consists of several cycles in which the developers work simultaneously in the design and coding of different stages. This approach is a perfect solution for those who need to verify the requirements of the program and its function. Agile development allows improving the software strategy so that customers observe the results in each stage and provide feedback, while ensuring prompt entry into the market, without compromising the quality of the program. Unlike the development of agile waterfalls, it can be expensive and is likely to exceed the initial budget, but it can be eliminated with a good project manager to guarantee your case. This approach guarantees the advanced customization of the program.

How to Build Software

As the leading software developer in London, we have an app creation process that runs smoothly. These development processes can be applied to any development method that guarantees high quality products that produce desirable results. We know how to be successful and start with the pre-development analysis. Once you have a deep understanding of the client's business needs, we will solve the challenge and help you achieve the desired goals and objectives.

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In the planning phase, we define the future success of the program. This creates the basis for an adequate development that leads to the achievement of the goal. In this phase of the business, analysts and project managers study the market and potential competitors and investigate the requirements of the users and the needs of the market. This stage also includes organizational objectives and surveys of workflows of the company. During planning, the team dedicated to the project is looking for alternative suggestions and the best software solutions. In this stage, you will develop an IT solution using agile or cascaded models, identify the specifications and functions and conclude whether it is better to define and describe the costs and benefits.


The design team is formed by creative and trained people who appreciate each project, while we strive to offer the best. First we start by creating a model that reflects the commercial identity that requires color patterns, styles, fonts and other visual elements, and that fulfills the purpose of the program. During the creation of the prototype, navigation is created to create a user interface (UI) that can be clicked, so you can test the convenience and ease of use. Our job is to guarantee the user experience (UX) to keep the users involved and concentrate on the functions of the application.


As a leading developer of software in London, we are writing secure, stable and easy-to-read code that guarantees a deep and scalable architecture that allows a powerful and functional implementation. We strive to comply with coding standards and guidelines so that the program can comply with universal standards and user expectations. Provide coding services for both the front-end and the back-end, use technology in the cloud, integrate third-party programs, use multiple APIs and libraries by a development team composed of world-class developers. You can at the stage of creation of code, the developer creates the center of the program that integrates the necessary functions. Once the programmer starts coding using the agile method, he can immediately provide an important MVP (minimum executable product) function and really try it. In this test, you can clarify what you really need and what you do not. This stage is usually the stage that consumes more time.

Test and Start

We have an internal team of QA experts based in London who are looking for the quality of the IT solution from the initial stage to the presentation. Carefully analyze the problems and challenges that may arise during development and propose ways to avoid mistakes early on before software developers start coding. But his work is not done here. We will continue to test security, stability, intuition, performance and usability throughout the development process. The design of the user interface is tested by a group of testers that match the description of the target audience, so that the user interface has a navigation map that is understandable and easy to understand. We eliminate possible errors and try again until we polish them completely. Our team can help you send your app to the app store if necessary and obtain approval or seamless integration of the program for internal use.


We also offer maintenance and technical assistance services to help you implement custom software solutions. In fact, information technology is one of the rapidly evolving industries, and with the growth of them, the needs of people increase more and more. The development team will always be able to meet the changing needs and requirements of our customers through a long-standing business relationship with the leading team of software developers in London, editing, updating and updating programs.

Hire the Leading Software Developers in London

By approaching our company, you can hire the most professional developers in London. We can help you create custom software that meets your business objectives and needs.

Custom program

For seven years since its founding, we have provided customized software for customers in many industries around the world. With this experience and the abundant vision of the industry, you can understand the main points of the client's needs and overcome any expectations.

Technological Trend

Our experience does not question the type and complexity of hundreds of successful IT projects. We are professionals about what we are doing. We really love the job and we keep up with all the trends and technological innovations.

Dedicated Management

We provide first level services and end-to-end development, we respond to all the challenges of the process and we provide transparency, control and transparency of the process. The dedicated project manager will always inform you about the progress of the project and comments. With such regular and continuous communication, we can respond to the most demanding needs.

Cost Effective Solution

We offer a cost-effective and business-oriented solution to solve real problems. This is more than just a "delicious" program. Our work can give people the ability and help them to benefit. This is our work.

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