Recent Web Projects


Promptly delivered

Delivery ordering and tracking iOS app

Our client as a founder of a delivery service wanted to modernise the way he runs the business to stay ahead of the competitors. He came to our development firm with an idea of an app that could replace Excel spreadsheets and offer an alternative to phone calls. Our team has developed a mobile app and admin panel for managers so that they could schedule delivery and manage customers’ orders. For customers, there were integrated delivery payment and tracking system which let to book and track their products and pay right in the app. The delivery team needed an app with implemented logistics system and ability to update delivery status. And we enable them to accept orders, view customer’s location with the help of Google APIs, and get customer’s e-signature within the app



Social networking application for events creation

Our client approached us to build a social app that could improve the way people interact with each other. The app idea is to help users create events and invite people for meeting whether it is a movie night with the friends, or a launch, or a TGIF party. Our development team created an app that lets registered users to create an event, note the time of the beginning, and invite friends. Those who get an invitation and accept it are connected with a group chat where users can discuss the details of the meeting. Push Notification functionality won’t allow a user to miss an event, while social media features let share and interact with other users.



A mobile marketplace for cars on iOS platform

Our customer was engaged in car retail business and had a successful website but approached us to create a mobile application to enlarge the audience reach and provide greater user experience on mobile devices. Our task was to build a mobile solution that could help him to promote the business and bring in new customers. The app has a rich set of features which includes advanced search, an informative feature with the latest car news and detailed descriptions of existing models, pictures gallery with exterior and interior photos, the ability to find local dealerships, booking a test drive, calculate potential cost of a loan and many others.



A mobile application for a magazine

Our customer wanted to make his magazine more accessible considering the penetration of mobile devices in our everyday life. We developed an app that let users quickly get access to the newest issues of the magazine and download them on the device. Besides this functionality, the app has an admin panel that enables management of the magazine updates which include magazine cover, the description of the issue, wallpaper and file itself. The app icon is changing to the new issue cover notifying users about recent upload. The app lets users choose between two versions of the magazine a free one with limited content and a paid one with full content. “My Shelf” feature let to store all the purchased issues.


Blood Sugar

A medical application for people with diabetes

Our task was to create two medical applications to meet two target needs: help people with diabetes to control their blood sugar Level and assist in diabetes control during the gestation covering all the needs of both types of the patients. The app helps to identify the diabetes type, measure blood sugar level, get recommendations on nutrition and medications for a particular case. The app also collects statistics letting a user view dynamic of the data in a visual form like graphs. Push notifications remind about regular checking and encourage monitor people’s conditions daily



An educational app for professional training

We got a task to develop a mobile application which enables continuing professional education without attending classes but with the help of mobile devices. The app should have contained video files and short follow-up quizzes. As soon as user accomplished the course, he or she can take a quiz and in case of successful pass get a PDF certificate. We have designed a program that made the idea real with video tutorials downloaded from the server. The app implies in-app purchasing to continue the course as only the first video of 5 dedicated to one particular training is free, others require to be unlocked.