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Since the foundation of our company, we have exhibited well and become one of the UK and world's leading software development companies for mobile devices. This is because our team is composed of enthusiastic software developers and engineers with an awareness of IT that provide a first class design and robust functionality to the digital solution created.

Our Experience

We offer mobile app development agencies that offer a wide range of services, from business analysis and mobile strategy to design, programming and launch of UI / UX. We are a team of more than 100 IT programmers and professionals based in London, with a history of more than 6 years. Through our office in London, our team provides services to clients in the United Kingdom and abroad, especially if mobile development is possible when the development of the project requires our presence in the client's office. Because our mobile developers needs to obtain information from the industry, our analysts are studying your business, comparing it with the competitors. Our developers worked on multiple commercial projects and helped clients achieve their business objectives. Today, we have the appropriate level of experience to provide mobile applications for various industries and purposes. If you are looking for a professional developer of mobile applications in London, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mobile Applications for Companies

Companies that look to the future will benefit from modern technology that attracts the interest of customers, improves brand awareness and loyalty, collects valuable customer data, optimizes internal processes and creates new opportunities for employees and customers I will target Developers of companies based in the United Kingdom offer high quality custom solutions for iOS, Android and Windows devices, such as smartphones and tablets. With a customer-centric approach to development, the mobile applications we create can fully meet the customer's needs and even exceed expectations. We will adapt our software solutions to the workflows of your company and individual preferences to guarantee a high return on investment.

Development of Mobile Applications of your Company

By using the Apple Developer Program, you can provide the most qualitative iOS software for iPads and iPhones that offer a native look. We use the latest version of Xcode IDE, master both Objective-C and Swift and we benefit from all the features and functions of iOS. By updating the Xcode editor extensions, developers can shorten development time and innovate in App Thinning to optimize App Store applications and improve user speed. Our team likes to use the iOS platform because it is the most stable and secure option for business users. In addition, the iOS platform is the most appropriate to implement monetization strategies and generate revenue, since iOS users are the most paid. Another advantage of Apple devices is their limited number. Since several screen sizes and resolutions are not as high as other platforms, it is much easier to make sure that all users have a better user experience and fewer errors in the program.

The demand for software solutions for Android is growing, since almost 80% of the population of Europe uses Android devices and requires qualitative software solutions for power devices with the necessary features. Our team worked on a series of Android projects and brought exciting results. Our designers had a variety of programs for different Android devices, depending on the nature of the operating system and the size of the screen. Pay special attention to optimization. Our programmers are excellent in Android Studio and Eclipse IDE and they know how to benefit from the support of Android, Java and other libraries. If you want to reach a large number of users of the Android platform, contact us. To create the best quality user experience, you can customize it to suit your business needs.

Windows 10 mobile was introduced in early 2015, which unified the creation of desktop applications and mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. It has most of the features that take advantage of the entire platform function. The company, in order to provide customers with their goal, there is a team of Windows developers. They are, is an expert to use the Microsoft tool of the latest version, such as Visual Studio, it is a good Windows practice designed to be easy to use the program as Windows platform itself.

How to Build a Mobile Business App

Small businesses and large companies of the two-way companies, to actively create mobile applications, introduced a new opportunity in the way of running the business, to migrate the business to the next level. When people pass on your phone or tablet, mobile app and at the same time be a good way to approach end users around the world, employees and business partners is a smart phone, you will be able to act more quickly the Real-time status and data always Keep in mind. Our developers of mobile applications in London, who can help the development of the mobile project.

Determine the Business Objectives

The initial phase of the project is a clear determination of the result you want to achieve. Or provide a new opportunity for the user, either to build products for the end user that optimize the internal work, as far as possible the effects of the application to identify, it is necessary to think about the functions that should be integrated into mobile solutions Yes you. It is essential to identify the software and budget costs of the project. The app, the difficult structure depending on the operating system, there is a complexity and compatibility, the cost is likely to vary from 10,000 to 1,000,000 pounds. As a businessman, it is necessary to estimate the approximate budget of the project. Our IT consultants can do so as soon as you get a description of the results team is desirable.

Choose Appropriate Mobile App Developers

To take the idea of ​​applications, many years or to learn the code, it is necessary to hire the app developers of experts who commissioned the project. Risk to predict! Unlike the app creating independent platform and remote workers, it will be in the options that the developers of the reputable software company can be the most reliable. The company offers certain guarantees, to ensure quality, the programmer to carry out the development of complex market research projects from its presentation to the store, designer, since it has a team of business analysts, it is a good option. As a professional team of developers based in London, to validate the idea of ​​the app, so you can add valuable information based on experience and knowledge.

Take into Account the UI/UX Design

The design is as important as the function, it should not be underestimated. First, the user experience design will affect how users can interact with the app. If the intuitive and easy to use, since users are familiar with the benefits and how to use, very convenient, since it is possible to solve the problem, the user will support it. Attractive and interactive user interface design is to allow users to use a longer app. It also provides a first impression, if it seems to be ugly raw, the user before becoming familiar with the operation of the app, is likely to leave it. In addition, the design of the app reflects the identity of the company, can advertise the brand to users around the world. Our app designer, you can find what he likes most, to create some of the design layout of the user interface of the app to match the identity of the company. Also, pay attention to the navigation map, so the software has a clear flow.

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Our Strength

Implement Coding and Function

Our software developers for mobile devices have adopted an agile approach that provides an iterative and flexible approach to guarantee the time and quality of the final product in the market. It begins with the provision of MVP (minimum executable product) that points to the work program that incorporates the central function. An example of a future mobile app with limited functionality. So you can try it and get a better idea of ​​its performance and function. The developer gradually extends the function that implements the function that you want to add to MVP. Our team in London is developing software for a wide range of platforms and has the experience and skills to benefit from the capabilities of each platform. Google is an expert that develops native applications that provide a superior user experience. Our programmers are also excellent for back-end scripting, which provides support for web servers.

Test, Test, Test

Several devices, operating system versions and screen resolutions are incredible, especially on the Android platform. In order to accept more viewers and provide a superior user experience for each owner of smartphones and tablets, developers must adapt the program to each screen and work well with each device there. Sometimes, after a developer creates an app that works well with a device, there are a lot of errors in other errors, and improvements to these errors can negatively affect the program itself. That is why the quality control department starts the analysis of the projects from the beginning, eliminates the main difficulties and minimizes the number of errors. After this exhaustive analysis, QA experts will continue to test the software during development. And every time our mobile app developers in London add new features, the testers are doing additional check to be sure, that the app is bugg-free. We ensure that applications run in different environments and comply with coding standards that offer superior performance, security, ease of use, overall appearance and appearance.

Starting and Maintaining

The presentation of the app can be a slow and nervous process, but from our point of view it is as simple as possible. First of all, our team offers only high quality applications that comply with all coding standards and guidelines. Therefore, you should not fear that project revisions fail. Secondly, open up all the concerns of selecting applications, choosing keywords and app categories, protecting intellectual property rights and publishing the software with your name. Also, if you do not share the idea of ​​the project, you can sign NDA with anyone. By configuring your app so you can easily monitor your data using Google Analytics, you can inform user behavior in real time and improve app performance and user experience. Mobile developers are facing the need for business, growth and development for some time and mobile application developers are happy to help update and update mobile applications.

We Want to Know More!

Our internal team of mobile app developers in London is always supporting software development innovations. Whether you seek expert advice or want to talk about mobile projects, our team will provide you with service and guarantee you will be successful in the mobile market.