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Our digital agents are one of the leading iPhone development companies in the industry. We are focused on combining rich features with excellent design. In our software development company, our enthusiastic designers and developers can handle ideas and implement them as first-class smartphone applications for Android and iOS, lure users and make success for your company Make a Contribution.

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We are a network and development firm that offers a broad range of services such as mobile strategy building, programming, design and deployment to provide our customers with top-class solutions to take their business to new levels. We are headquartered in London and we have many offices in all over the world. So you'll probably find a common ground and language with our team.

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We create products that help companies increase productivity and expand their reach and sell products or services. We are committed to implementing all the latest technologies in innovative solutions and are committed to providing efficient, attractive and easy-to-use software. Our iPhone developers strive to design an impressive program that can potentially change the way your clients experience the phone. We work closely with our customers to build a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership. Our developers are always informed of each step we take throughout the process. We are interested in the successful future of the business, not only for what you do, after all, this is our proof of our professional knowledge and good reputation opportunities.

Getting Started

When Apple App Store has launched, it looked different from the existing mobile market we saw today. The IT industry is a rapidly changing, and when an app introduces innovative features, it is very easy to become a commonplace. Over the years more and more applications have emerged, leading to fierce competition in software development business.

New development technology

Each new technology offers a variety of opportunities for the iPhone application development team. Our staff always maintains new opportunities to reach these advanced features. When the App Store was set up, there were barely any products. If you open it today, you will be surprised that the number of apps has reached 200 million. The iOS phone operating system has exceeded all expectations of iphone users and developers. Every new release of the platform launched by Apple has brought many new features that allow our developers to integrate with our customers software.

Where to start? Android vs iOS developer

Although the number of devices running iOS devices worldwide is lower than the device running Android, the Apple AppStore has generated much more revenue than Play Market. In according to the statistics, compared to the Play Market, App Store for each program to bring more revenue. So if you desire to make money through in-app monetising, the App Store is perfect to publish it.

App Store vs Google Play

Have you decided which platform? Java is the programming language of Android. Talking about Apple, iPhone design is the primary language of Objective-C. It's very similar to C language, and if you know these languages, you can give it a start, but at the same time, Apple demands that each program be approved before it's released and Play Store does not.

Software development costs

The difference is surprising, but the development costs of the two platforms are almost equal. So if you want to invest, why not invest in the most lucrative market? How much can it cost to build an iPhone app? To be honest, it is impossible because pricing depends on so many factors, from one item to another. It is impossible to predict how much time it is required to create each solution and the risk of costs being included.

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Cost of iPhone design

Application design is an important aspect of ROI because it defines whether the product will attract customers. It is what stimulates conversion, provides an excellent user experience, and allows users to spend more time on the application. Once you have developed excellent features, you should consider to ensure and consolidate your technological achievements.

You can hire a free web designer, but the choice of iOS software is to find an iPhone application designer who knows the content of the Apple Design Guide. The design is usually the software package, such as software development, you can buy a package of documents and layout to meet your needs. They include all screens, icons and other graphic materials for your future applications. You may be surprised, but you will need many images, because if you are developing for iPhone and iPad, you can only use about 4 different sizes of icons.

Approximate costs

The approximate price and design of the iPhone are as follows:

  • iPhone - $ 1,000-20,000 - This money you can get a very basic design that you can send to the developers in the code to implement it. This is a handy hint that can save you time and effort - ask the developer how to name the file and then upload the file.
  • iPhone 6 Plus Design - Increases cost by 25% - all images must be resized to fit the height of 2208 x 1242 pixels.
  • iPad compatible - increase the cost by 50% - if you do not want to spend too much, go for a very simple layout and stream of users. However, in any case, the cost will be higher because it may be necessary to modify the application's function to the larger size of the iPad and its speed to adjust, which also requires a new design. Keep in mind that most iPad has a retina display. The Retina images can be really large, so check the file size in the code before executing.

As we have said, design is very important, your investment will eventually be rewarded. It is best not to pay too much attention to cost - more consideration will bring the greater return in form of investment. Once you've launched an app, it will start to pay off even if you do not need to pay much effort to promote it, but if you do, it will soon begin to bring real profits.

Bespoke iPhone design

Bring your dashing business philosophy to life. The key to the success of any development project is the team of design experts. When selecting developers for iOS applications, note that they have a set of skills because the iOS design is a very specific area of ​​digital technology. We have ambitious iPhone developers and designers to develop their ideas into a premium iPhone app with custom features and intuitive interface. Thanks to our extensive experience in the iOS platform, we will provide a solution that perfectly matches your business function and meets your customer's' expectations.

We can help

  • Check the feasibility of your idea
  • Write a powerful code for iOS
  • Build a user-friendly and intuitive interface

Gather feedback from users through classified business reviews.

iPhone developer services

  • Cost estimation
  • Customer research and competitor analysis
  • Specification of software requirements
  • Prototype
  • QA

Enterprise iOS Development

More and more developers reach out to the largest smartphone users and develop their own mobile applications, iPhone App Store has steadily grown in the course of the past few years. Mobile apps not only offer the opportunity to increase client loyalty, but also allow to collect important data about the target audience. Apple guarantees high software and hardware standards to make iOS the most popular mobile OS. First-rate applications and huge profits will ensure a fast return on your business and a steady source of revenue.

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