Industry Services and Professional Mobile Apps

The world of business is changing. Whether you’re a dentist, accountant, car dealer, plumber, builder, doctor, roofer or real estate agent, you’ll have seen the impact that technology is happening. There’s a revolution starting, you can be leading it or you can wait to have your head cut off and put in a tumbrel.
This revolution isn’t based on guns and political slogans, it’s based on smart phones and mobile apps. Have you noticed that your customers always have their smart phone in their hands? They’ll even be looking at the screen while you’re talking to them. The smart phone doesn’t have to be your enemy, a mobile app can make it your greatest ally.
Your customers love things that are new and exciting. They don’t want to be handed flyers and bits of paper. They want to tap a screen and see enticing offers before their very eyes, images that they can manipulate accompanied by music. Our industry services mobile app provides that and much more.
Do you have a database of 1000 loyal customers? What do you do when you have a fantastic new offer – email them? That email either falls foul of a spam filter or heads into the trash can with a dozen more just like it. When a mobile app pings up on their screen to tell them about a latest offer, they’ll be drawn to it like moths to the moon. It’s a cost effective solution that’s transforming the way you can reach your customers.
You offer a great service that your customers love. For now, they might tell half a dozen friends about it. If you’re lucky. When you have a mobile app they’ll tap a button and tell hundreds of friends about it via Facebook, Twitter and all the leading social media sites.
Mobile apps are the future of marketing for the retail and service industry. It’s not ‘in your face’ marketing, it’s not costly and annoying, it’s stealth marketing and all the more successful for it. Your business can’t afford to stand still. That’s what companies like Kodak and Blockbuster did. You don’t have to go the same way. Contact us today, and find out how our professional mobile apps can help your business move forward.