How to monetize your mobile app?

Now, with the increased use of mobile, mobile apps are becoming very popular. With the increased mobile penetration you can easily use mobile apps to earn money. There are millions of apps today. People can easily create their app with the help of app developers in UK. But it is necessary for your app to be noticed to monetize it.

Signups, emails and newsletters

You can use your app to push newsletter and other updates to your customer. You can use app to drive your existing as well as potential customers towards your website. There is nothing wrong with it. Although it is difficult to track what percent of visitors came with the help of the app, but it is very effective. It adds value to your business. This will help you by increasing your sales.

Paid version of app

You can launch two versions of your app: free and paid. Give a free version for a few days (trial version), so that they can get an idea what is the benefit of purchasing the paid version of the app. And if they find worth paying for the app, they will surely buy it. The fees they will pay for the app will be earning for you from the app.


You can also provide the app for free of cost to the customers because fewer customers are ready to pay for the apps. In that case you can use your app for advertisement. You can get diversified ads for your app and you can easily earn by advertising on the app for others.

Selling your product and services using your app

Now, many people are selling their products using mobile apps. It is one of the most common reasons for developing apps for their business. You can offer the app for free of cost but you can earn by selling the products for free.
You can also use your app for SMS marketing, partnership and other methods to monetize your app. If your app is easy to use and adds some value to the customer then only they are going to use it. Then only you can earn from your app. Marketing for your app is very necessary because the app market is overcrowded. You can also use app referral programs to advertise your app. You can take help from app developers in UK. They can help you in creating best apps which are very easy to use.