Café and Restaurants Mobile Apps

What do your customers love to do in your café and restaurant? They love to eat great food and enjoy tasty drinks. What do your customers hate doing? They hate having to wait and wait for their order to arrive. The waiters should be your staff, not your customers. When you have a mobile app, they can reserve a table and order the food before they arrive, so that it’s ready for them as soon as they sit down. That’s just one of the ways that a café or restaurant mobile app will make your business stand out from the crowd.
It’s a dog eat dog world in the dining sector. Those that stand still are devoured by rivals that move with the times. Don’t be the prey, be a predator. When you have a fantastic mobile app it will show your customers that you’re at the cutting edge. They’ll be excited before they even taste your fantastic food.
Have you noticed that people love to share things on social media? You could have a button that allows customers to show their appreciation of your food. The message will be delivered directly to their friends on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Hey presto, you’ve found a free source of advertising. And because the recommendations are coming from people they know and trust, they’re more likely to respond to it.
Do you give your customers loyalty cards, or special offer coupons? The concept’s good, but the execution could be better. Nine times out of ten, card and paper will end up in the refuse bin. There’s a better solution. The loyalty card can be included on your mobile app. It can also inform them automatically when you have a special offer on, or a great new menu item.
Your food is unique and exciting, so your marketing solutions should be as well. That’s why your café or restaurant mobile app will be tailored specifically to you. How often do people look at flyers or adverts in newspapers, and how often do they look at their smart phone screens? That’s exactly why a mobile app will put you one step ahead of all your competitors.