We help businesses to go mobile

Alanains is a leading iOS app development company based in London. We are passionate about information technologies and Apple devices and this enthusiasm always push us forward to perfection in the app development. We believe that our products help to empower mobile devices with rich functionality that enables users to simplify their life and work. Our team helps to improve overall growth of customers’ businesses, engage users and promote the brand, optimise workflow and automate internal operations, increase mobility and efficiency. Our developers deliver products of an utmost quality implementing exciting innovations with proven development methods. Trust your ideas to our skilled and experienced team, and we will help you to upgrade your business.

What we do

  • We analyse. To build a house you need a foundation. When it comes to software development, the foundation is an idea validation and market research. We do it to make sure that your app will stand out from your competitors and bring you additional value.
  • We design. Appealing UI design attracts users, intuitive navigation, and engaging UX retain them and bring back. One of our strength is a creation of sleek and modern design which ensures that your customers will stay longer in the app.
  • We develop. Our programmers write secure code and build a scalable architecture that provides your app with robust functionality which makes your program inimitable and brings users back over and over again.
  • We test. Our QA department provides guarantees that our solution is of the highest quality honing the app to the perfection until it performance, invulnerability, look and feel meet your and users expectations.
For over seven years we have been engaged in app development, we have established a perfect model of interaction with our customers which implies flexibility, responsiveness, and transparency. Talk to us and make sure that it is so!